About Us

APT Fashion Media was established in 2001 as a specialized photography studio utilizing digital state of the art technology at the time. APT Fashion Media targets a wide range of market segments in the photography industry as it serves individuals, groups and organizations with services that cover wedding coverage, events coverage, portrait photography, children photography, Hi-Definition videography, fashion photography and designing services.We believe in providing the best quality service through the finest team and top equipment.They seek to fulfill and exceed customer expectations to ensure their satisfaction and repeat business.


We offers a wide range of comprehensive and integrated photographic services. They use the best equipments whether they are backdrops, cameras, photography lighting or printing equipments. Such a complete range of services are rarely offered under one roof.

Portrait Photography

With complete face retouching and improvements that treat any flaws or defects thereby presenting the persons in the photograph at their best possible look. APT Fashion Media highly qualified professional digital artists use special effects and techniques, image enhancement, photo restoration and colorization to present you with a breathtaking photograph of yourself.

Children’s Photography

APT Fashion Media the children department incorporates many different photographic sets, and a wide selection of decorations that appeal to the personalities of any children, together with costumes and props adding excitement and fun to their photography experience.

Wedding and Events

APT Fashion Media use full HD videos with state of the art equipment from shooting to editing for wedding photography in Kerala. APT Fashion Media can also produce high quality DVD or Blu-Ray recordings. This new technology is fully operated by well trained professionals who have attended training classes and workshops at the APT Fashion Media Center.

Advertising Photography

APT Fashion Media provide advertising agencies, and other companies, with this service whether it is for still, live, interior or exterior location photos. They also produce pictures for annual reports and other corporate publications. On-site image processing gives you total control over the final images to enhance your products.

Fashion Photography

APT Fashion Media has the largest fashion photography studio in Kerala. With over 140 square metres of space they can create any concept or shoot to fashion designer's wishes. This flexibility is essential for designers to present their products in the best possible light with the most suitable backgrounds and atmosphere.

Photo Lab

this is where photos are printed. APT Fashion Media laboratory contains new machines producing high quality digital printing. our cutting edge printing machines are chemical based, which are more durable than inkjet digital printing machines. Furthermore cosmetic retouching experts in our photo lab will enhance your look.

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